4 thoughts on “It’s Funny If It Were Not So…

  1. Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) issued the following statement after the second day of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s transcribed interview:

    “After two days of testimony and 14 hours of questioning, many things became evident. During his interview today, Dr. Fauci claimed that the policies and mandates he promoted may unfortunately increase vaccine hesitancy for years to come. He testified that the lab leak hypothesis — which was often suppressed — was, in fact, not a conspiracy theory. Further, the social distancing recommendations forced on Americans ‘sort of just appeared’ and were likely not based on scientific data.


    1. Thanks, JayCee. I wonder to what extent the general population will learn about this. We know about it because of the media we consume, but what about the larger population? They certainly knew about it when he was initially making all of his assertions, and his pronouncements were so passionately advocated and defended.

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