Tony Fauci’s “I Don’t Recall” Responses

Anthony Fauci was required to give a deposition before Congress yesterday in connection with Covid-19 and the “vaccine”. It was reported that he had responded “I don’t recall” to questions in excess of 100 times.

This leads one to recall that this was a ploy used during legal testimony or depositions by Hillary Clinton twice— once in connection with her computer server during 2016; and once in connection with the suicide of Vince Foster during 1995.

This is a legal strategy employed by the socialists repeatedly. Ken Starr explained in the above link that it is nearly impossible to prove they are lying when they pull this maneuver. One can imagine the law firms typically used by this crowd coaching their clients to respond in this manner.

Of course, this is the antithesis of transparency and ethics and integrity and accountability. But these folks play by a different set of rules; and have no regard for these ideals.

On a somewhat related matter, Tony Fauci’s former boss– Francis Collins– admitted within the last couple of weeks that their response to Covid-19 was a major mistake. Gee, thanks.


2 thoughts on “Tony Fauci’s “I Don’t Recall” Responses

  1. Excerpt from Howie Carr’s 1/10/24 column:

    “Perhaps you know the old saying that, no matter how you slice it, it’s still baloney. Maybe you think that the Deep State is just making it all up again, like it’s 2020 again, marking every single death down as COVID to frighten the no-info Democrat voters.

    But no, the public health-industrial complex has irrefutable scientific evidence of the new plague. It’s called wastewater. In ancient pagan times, the oracles and prophets studied the entrails of slaughtered animals to predict the future.

    Now, in modern pagan times, to predict the future, oracles in white lab coats study… human excrement, also known as wastewater.

    Whatever wastewater says, goes. Do not doubt me. Especially here in Boston.

    The Herald: “Boston-area COVID wastewater data spikes.”

    The Globe: “Coronavirus levels in Boston-area wastewater have surged to second highest point since pandemic began.”

    Stop me if you’ve read these headlines before. Over and over and over again, especially every January. Even the Democrat operatives with press passes understand this. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Thus, the WBUR headline:

    “This one is different.”

    That was from last year, by the way. It was a tired scam even then. But this year the Panic must be ramped up big time, because it may be the only way to drag Biden across the finish line.

    There’s another reason why PANIC 2024! is opening wide this week. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the patron saint of panic, is again testifying under oath before a Congressional committee.

    His testimony is of course behind closed doors, but the Republicans on the committee have been issuing daily summations.

    On Monday, more than 100 times Fauci answered questions about his disastrous COVID record by saying he “did not recall.”

    Amazing, but that wasn’t even his personal best in selective amnesia. Back in late 2022, Fauci was questioned under oath about his conniving with social media to suppress “disinformation,” which is another way of saying “truth that embarrasses Democrats.”

    That day, Fauci “did not recall” 174 times.

    According to the GOP’s summary of his testimony Monday, Fauci was confronted with an email showing that he was aware of gain-of-function research in the Red Chinese lab that US taxpayers at least partially paid for.

    Fauci said he should not have stated that as “fact.”

    Once again, he disputed the definition of “gain of function.” He admitted he signed off on grants for Jurassic Park-like research without even bothering to read the proposals. Fauci said he could not “confirm” whether the feds had any “oversight” on his agency’s mad-scientist projects.

    In short, Fauci’s testimony was just another load of… wastewater.”

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