Florida Surgeon General: Take the Covid Vaccines Off the Market

The Surgeon General of the United States holds a position that is mostly powerless. But in the State of Florida, the Surgeon General there leads the state health agency. It is therefore a consequential position in Florida.

Joseph Ladapo, MD is the person who serves as Surgeon General there. Last week, he issued a statement advocating that the Covid vaccines be taken off the market. He is the first public health official to do so nationwide, at least according to my recollection. His justification given was the demonstrated adulteration of the vaccine. More information is found here (HT: Fred).

There were other good reasons to ban these injections. But he arrived at the right conclusion.

Here is a discussion of this development:


2 thoughts on “Florida Surgeon General: Take the Covid Vaccines Off the Market

  1. I think we are seeing a dramatic shift in public opinion regarding the COVID vaccine because of people like Dr Ladapo. Covid shot uptake is slumping, and vaccine makers and health experts believe vaccination rates in 2024 and beyond will likely look similar to the uptake of the latest round of shots this year.

    Only 15.7% of U.S. adults had received the newest Covid shots from Pfizer
    , Moderna and Novavax as of Nov. 18, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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