Who Should Really Be Prosecuted for Insurrection?

It is interesting to see various blue states try to block Trump from the ballot by claiming he is disqualified because he engaged in insurrection. I think most people see through this falsehood. It is, in fact, a lie and a slander.

Who really engages in insurrection politically? Those who work to undermine the constitutional order.

And who does this? The socialists, regardless of political party.

The United States Constitution places the vast majority of power and decision-making at the state level. It gives very little power or authority to the federal government. Yet during the last 150 years, we have seen a massive consolidation of power at the federal level that the constitution does not allow. Various politicians and judges engineered this change over time.

And the socialists want even MORE power at the federal level they do not rightfully possess under the Constitution– more laws, more regulations, more control over various activities, more taxes. The Marxism they advocate is completely incompatible with the Constitution. They are therefore the insurrectionists.

During recent times, they have also tried to limit freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and gun rights. They have repeatedly sought and obtained unconstitutional searches and seizures electronically. They have deprived people of liberty and property without due process of law. These are all constitutional requirements that have been blatantly violated. All of this happened during the pandemic– and some of it has happened since the pandemic ended.

On the matter of January 6, they have deprived people of due process and denied them a right to a speedy trial before a jury of their peers. They have engaged in cruel and unusual punishment.

Trump is not perfect. He is not a full-blown constitutional conservative. However, the manner in which they are targeting him is a sham. They, in fact, should be subject to prosecution because they engage in insurrection by tearing down the constitution in myriad ways.

The overall truth of this situation is precisely the opposite of what is being presented to the public by the media/ left complex.


2 thoughts on “Who Should Really Be Prosecuted for Insurrection?

  1. I’ll be brief . Every thing you say is exactly correct. The way to end this madness is to elect Donald Trump . There will be many forces aligned against him. They have to be defeated or else the republic is doomed to be controlled by by the Marxist/Socialists.

    1. Thanks, Fred. I don’t know if it will be possible to elect him, Fred, in view of the probability that election fraud will recur, at least to some extent. But if he is elected, the question then becomes what is done about all of this. It will not be sufficient for him to be president for four years, let bygones be bygones, and then turn it back to the Marxists 4 years later, or 8 years later.

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