6 thoughts on “The Covid Vaccine Crime, Followed by Cover-Up

  1. At least some glimmers of truth emerging. Thanks for post. Fred is absolutely right about Fauci. RFK’s book on Fauci documents what a sinister person he is.

  2. They told you that if you caught it, it was YOUR fault—
    YOU didn’t wear a mask.
    YOU didn’t use one-way aisles in the store.
    YOU didn’t maintain 6’ social distancing.
    YOU didn’t get the shot.
    YOU were the reason other people got sick.
    They knew it was all bogus, and now so do we.
    They wanted to force you to OBEY them and make you feel guilty if you caught something that nothing could prevent.
    Welcome to Government Mind Control 101.

    1. You bring back some awful memories, JayCee. And they are still preaching the shot and the masks!

      We need to see some prosecutions in the USA, and right here in North Carolina.

      One commenter during early 2020 called what they were doing a “PsyOp”. In retrospect, as you suggest, this person was precisely correct.

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