Normal Lear and Rob Reiner and Russell Moore and the Southern Baptist Convention

Some of us are old enough to remember when “All in the Family” hit the airwaves. It was uproariously funny, and featured an ongoing contrast between Archie Bunker and his Meathead son-in-law. Normal Lear was the producer and originator of this series; and Rob Reiner played Meathead. This was a classic example of typecasting because Reiner essentially played himself.

Lear died this week at the ripe old age of 100. He was born Jewish and throughout much of his life he embraced all the components of the characteristic contemporary Jewish worldview– i.e., secularism, sexual liberationism, relativism, radical feminism and socialism. He had numerous TV shows that attempted to manipulate the wider population in the direction of his own worldview.

He founded and funded a major political group– i.e., People for the American Way. The main objective of this group was to oppose the influence of Christian conservatives in American life. This was during the time when the dreaded “religious right” was in ascendance.

In a nutshell, he was a bad guy much of his life who threw his weight around and had significant influence.

One surprising footnote to his story is that he converted to Catholicism during the final year of his life. Apparently, he had a daughter who had done the same thing.

Let’s shift gears. Rob Reiner– i.e., Meathead in Lear’s first TV series– is still alive and kicking. He also is Jewish; and also possesses a contemporary Jewish worldview. For many years he has taken malicious shots at prominent conservatives and has sought to undermine conservative positions. Similar to Lear, he has helped fund the left and engage in leftist advocacy.

This week– indeed, the very same week that Lear died– it became widely known that Reiner has released a documentary film to undermine Christian conservatives. It attempts to depict patriotic, conservative Christians as somehow dangerous– and raises the bugaboo of “Christian Nationalism”. The documentary is called “God and Country'”, and its trailer is below:

Around the 45 second mark, a gentleman appears who ominously proclaims that people who embrace Christian nationalism seek authoritarianism. This is Russell Moore, the former leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. This is the guy who was the main lobbyist for Southern Baptists when JD Greear led the convention.

This is laughable because we have had authoritarianism for several years since Biden became president– and it has been directed against Christians and conservatives and other everyday Americans. One need only to open one’s eyes to see it.

Yet Russell Moore sides with Rob Reiner and against Christian conservatives.

Even though he no longer leads that particular commission within the Southern Baptist Convention, the same crowd that installed him there still controls the Convention.

And thus you have the Southern Baptist Convention dancing ideologically with Rob Reiner and with Normal Lear’s first 99 years, at least indirectly. It’s quite a spectacle.


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  1. I remember watching ” All In The Family ” and always rooting for Archie Bunker.

    Rob Reiner is a liberal scumbag . I believe he influences no one. Satan has a room reserved for him .

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