2 thoughts on “Allowing Terrorism To Justify Taking Away People’s Rights…

  1. Jones is pointing out the obvious and we should be on guard and prepared. One thing he id not point out was that there is currently raging on Capitol Hill a debate over reauthorizing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

    While there has been bipartisan support for Section 702 in the past, recent errors and misuses of it, as well as the current climate of skepticism toward intelligence agencies, has made its reauthorization far more challenging.

    While Republicans supported Section 702 when it was created during the Bush administration, recent Republican criticism of the FBI for the investigation of former President Donald Trump and errors made during the probe of Russian ties to his 2016 presidential campaign have made way for steep opposition.

    The provision has also faced opposition from Democrats who worry that it may hinder Americans’ civil liberties.

    Lawmakers from both sides have said they won’t vote to renew the provision unless major changes are made in how the FBI uses foreign surveillance data to investigate Americans.

    Better safe than sorry ??

    1. The scuttlebutt yesterday, Fred, was that Speaker Johnson was agreeing to incorporate the reauthorization of FISA into the huge defense funding bill (NDAA) at the insistence of Schumer and/or Senate Republicans and/or the Biden Administration.

      I hope that does not turn out to be true.

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