Migrant Protests In My Hometown

Staten Island has a section called Midland Beach. My mother spent part of her childhood living there. My parents were married at the Catholic church there; and I was initially baptized at that same church as an infant. Midland Beach is probably less than a mile from where I grew up.

An assisted living facility was located there on the waterfront– directly across the road from the beach (i.e., the lower New York Bay). I used to drive past it frequently during my early adulthood.

Mayor Eric Adams turned that assisted living facility into a facility for illegal immigrants. The elderly residents at that facility were displaced. Massive protests have consequently taken place at that site over a prolonged period of time, causing traffic to be re-routed. Here is a story from Fox News about the overall situation, highlighting one particular war veteran who was displaced:


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    1. Yes, it does. It’s really pretty horrible how the migrants are being provided for at a level higher than that of American citizens. And I am not a big advocate of the welfare state for American citizens.

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