9 thoughts on “People Coming To Their Senses

      1. Indeed. Against Western Civilization. The US ruling class is on board, I can only suppose because the chaos makes it easier for them to rule.

  1. A guest on Glenn Beck’s radio show the other day, who is Irish, explained it this way:
    The far-left Irish are basically Communists, Workers of the World types, while the far-right are national socialists, who want basically the same things as the far-left.
    The left welcomes anyone from across the globe to come and partake, but the right wants these things for the Irish ONLY, not immigrants.
    Therein lies the rub.

    1. Jaycee, my understanding is that this particular issue has united the Protestants in Northern Ireland– part of the UK– and the (nominal?) Catholics in Ireland.

      But Ireland, which used to be a staunchly Catholic country, went for abortion several years ago– proving, as you suggest, that the population there has been entirely seduced by the socialist left and their media compatriots.

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