Cone Health’s Socialist Marketing Campaign

Driving on highway 29 every day, I cannot help but notice a billboard for Cone Health that proclaims a certain message to the community. The message? The best care is care for ALL.

And then I noticed a television commercial last night. The health system announced that part of its mission is to work to eliminate disparities— health, economic or otherwise.

These might sound like noble sentiments. But the devil is in the details. How are these sentiments translated into some semblance of fruition? The unspoken message being transmitted by Cone Health is socialism. There is no discussion of the national debt, of course.

This is unsurprising for our local hospital system given the fact that it had advocated for Obamacare and Medicaid expansion. However, this is in your face. They are doubtless counting on the tens of thousands of committed socialists on their home turf– Greensboro and Guilford County– who will ignorantly nod their heads in agreement.

However, it is not the mission of hospitals or doctors’ offices or medical facilities to advocate for socialism. That is completely inappropriate because it requires the forcible taking of resources from one person to give to another. There is nothing noble about that.


2 thoughts on “Cone Health’s Socialist Marketing Campaign

    1. … among other things, Fred. Given the fact that socialism is inconsistent with the US Constitution, that means Cone Health is an enemy of the Constitution– a domestic enemy, just like many of their fellow Democrats.

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