Foxx, McHenry Vote to Refrain From Impeaching Mayorkas

Two members of Congress from North Carolina– Virginia Foxx and Pat McHenry– were among only eight Republican members who voted against an effort to impeach Mayorkas at Homeland Security.

This is despite the fact that Mayorkas has repeatedly perjured himself before congressional committees and lied to members of Congress; and despite the fact that his open border has allowed huge quantities of fentanyl coming from Mexico to kill tens of thousands of Americans.

These were critical votes that Foxx and McHenry made. It would be interesting to hear how they justify their actions.

They need to go.


2 thoughts on “Foxx, McHenry Vote to Refrain From Impeaching Mayorkas

  1. Let me try and figure it out. Maybe Foxx and McHenry thought that Mayorakas is simply carrying out Biden’s policies and he would , if removed ( doubtful to get 2/3s in the Senate ) be replaced by another lying puppet simply doing what his master wants. Just sayin’.

    1. That could be it, Fred. I had another couple of thoughts– that they might be working for the donor class that wants open borders, or perhaps they might justify their vote by maintaining that the case for impeachment has not been fully developed. Regardless, I think their votes stink.

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