One Week In The US House

We are supposed to be happy that conservative Mike Johnson has assumed the Speakership.

But consider three separate events over the last several days:

  1. Republicans joined the socialists to defeat an amendment that would have stopped the notorious “kill switches” from being required in new cars. This is a switch that enable the government remotely to disable operation of the vehicle.
  2. Republicans joined the socialists to vote to build a new FBI headquarters in Maryland that will be larger than the Pentagon. This is despite the rampant abuses of power committed by the FBI during recent years and its targeting of conservatives. The Daily Haymaker reports that three GOP congressman from North Carolina voted in favor of the Deep State initiative– Edwards, McHenry and Murphy.
  3. Johnson himself flip-flopped and now says there is insufficient evidence to impeach Joe Biden. Perhaps there is a political calculus involved, but even then, it is reasonable to question what it would take to justify proceeding.

It appears there is still a long way to go.


2 thoughts on “One Week In The US House

    1. I did not know about Wray’s opposition, Fred… although I suppose that might be a reason to favor the Maryland site. (No new building would be the best outcome).

      Yes, we need to give them a chance, but when 1/3 of the GOP House caucus is progressive, I don’t know how much we can expect.

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