McCullough Update

Dr. Peter McCullough spoke recently before the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Topics included Anthony Fauci’s cover-up of the release of the Covid-19 virus from the Wuhan lab; most recent information about the issues related with the vaccine; early treatment; treating Covid vaccine complications; autism; transgender medicine; and “misinformation/disinformation”. He mentions Dr. Baric at UNC Chapel Hill. He also calls out those leaders within the health care industry and at academic medical centers who pushed requirements for the Covid vaccines:


4 thoughts on “McCullough Update

  1. Dr. McCollough has the receipts yet the public is not listening.

    D. Baric should be brought before congress to testify.

    No inspections on variability of batches… unbelievable .

    No clinical trials on vaccines … yet!

    Government agencies undermining therapies that worked… criminal

    Censoring McCullough underscores that he is on the right track.

    Ban the COVID vaccines !!!

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