The Durham Freeway Blockage

It is being reported that a freeway in Durham was blocked yesterday for nearly three hours. The culprits were demonstrating on behalf of Hamas.

It is very ironic and interesting that many of the pro-Hamas demonstrators here in the United States tend to be progressive/socialist Jews. That appears to have been the case in Durham.

This type of protest became much more widespread with the BLM protests three years ago. Recall that this happened even here in Greensboro.

The cause of a foreign terrorist group like Hamas does even remotely justify protests within the United States. Local and state police really need to act quickly and decisively when roads are being blocked. Any failure to do so victimizes lawful citizens who depend upon being able to these thoroughfares.

It was unconscionable that this condition was allowed to fester for three hours.


4 thoughts on “The Durham Freeway Blockage

  1. This was pussy footing . I say disperse the protesters with what is able to break up the demonstration . Water cannons, Monadnock batons, tear gas, pepper spray, whatever.

    This behavior should not be tolerated … period ! Arrest the scum.

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