4 thoughts on “Don’t Act in a Rash, Precipitous Fashion

  1. I agree with Senator Paul, that caution is needed before any precipitous US military actions are undertaken against Iran. But just let this serve as a reminder of the words of the founder of the Islamic Republic who called America the Great Satan,” Raisi said, referring to the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei. Death to America !

  2. Rand Paul is the voice of reason. The US is being destroyed by its ruling class. They use crises in the hemisphere the opposite from the one we live in as a useful distraction.

    1. Healey, I think you are right that this is a major distraction from other things that are happening. And yes, the US is being destroyed by its ruling class, which includes the uniparty, the Deep State and the oligarchical donor class– i.e., the self-interested elites. Israel First is not America First.

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