“The House of Medicine Is On Fire”

Dr. Peter McCullough gives another masterful presentation on the Covid pandemic. He spends considerable time discussing how various governmental entities engineered this pandemic and the response to it. He mentions in detail the role of Dr. Ralph Baric at UNC Chapel Hill. Toward the end of the talk, he discusses autism and how the medical community has mishandled the transgender crisis:


4 thoughts on ““The House of Medicine Is On Fire”

  1. This complex of which Dr. McCullough speaks seems ripe for a RICO prosecution.

    What he had to say on the rise in autism was surprising.

  2. That is an interesting possibility, Fred, when you speak of RICO. Many of us would love to see that.

    With regard to autism, yes, with the astonishing increase in the number of shots young kids are expected to take, we have to be concerned about whether ill effects are occurring– physical or mental or both.

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