Lobbyists and Donor Monies Ablaze: Casino Politics in North Carolina

WRAL had an excellent story yesterday that details the amount of political donations that have been received by state legislators in support of increased legalized gambling, casinos and marijuana.

In addition, the Daily Haymaker reports that two Republican state legislators have been identified as possible recipients of a national gambling advocacy award.

The below video from the NC Family Policy Council states there are literally DOZENS of lobbyists crawling around the state legislative building in support of these interests. Check out their website that provides additional details and resources. Let’s hope their efforts to stop all of this are successful. Here is the video:


2 thoughts on “Lobbyists and Donor Monies Ablaze: Casino Politics in North Carolina

  1. In the infamous words of former Congressman Ozie Meyers and ABSCAM defendant:

    “Money Talks ‘n’ Bullshit Walks”

    Reflecting on the words of the great Philadelphia philosopher (Ozzie
    Myers), is it likely, in this GREAT DEMOCRACY, that the powers that be
    (or will be) have all that is necessary (MONEY) to dumb down the
    masses so that they will continue to vote against their own best

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