When The Covid Lies Began

I remember seeing in the media initial estimates that the mortality rate could be in the range of 7-8% for Covid-19. In reality, at its very worst in the beginning, the mortality rate for Covid-19 was approximately 0.2% but the American people were subjected to a terror campaign by the corrupt mainstream media and never were told the truth. Check out this video (HT: Fred):


2 thoughts on “When The Covid Lies Began

  1. They are liars. At least the Donald called out their misinformation but no one was listening or paying attention. We were feed BS and swallowed it. Not next time.

    1. Yes, they ARE liars.

      Some folks have been claiming for a long time that there was a plan on the part of the deep state and the left and the media as to what the response was going to be; and I tend toward that point of view.

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