Victory for Crime-Fighting in Greensboro

The Rhino Times reports that the General Assembly has passed the bill establishing a Civil Service Review Board for the city of Greensboro.

This is great news because it provides police officers with an objective process when they are subjected to racial accusations and subsequent unjust discipline.

The supremacy of racial identity politics in the city of Greensboro; the corrupt influence of leftist African-American PAC’s; and the awful leadership of Mayor Nancy Vaughan and the City Council– these all prompted action by the General Assembly.

Hopefully. this board will provide police officers with protection; and preemptively prevent some of the unjust disciplinary actions against them.


4 thoughts on “Victory for Crime-Fighting in Greensboro

  1. This sounds like a good move . The only question I have is who appoints members of this board ? That could make a difference in it’s objectivity.

  2. I think, if I read this correctly, that either party my appeal the board’s decision to superior court.

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