Is the Triad Going Nuclear?

There was an announcement today that Duke Energy is trying to convert its generating station at Belew’s Creek to nuclear power. This is obviously a big deal.

First, a bit of context. Only a couple of weeks ago, the first new nuclear power plant in thirty years was started up in the state of Georgia. (HT: LL). Senator Ted Budd recently was leading an effort to pass a resolution in support of nuclear power in Congress.

Duke Energy is trying to comply with a Republican-passed law in North Carolina mandating a plan for a 70 percent reduction in carbon emissions. This foolhardy expectation to cut carbon emissions is ultimately going to cost those paying electric bills approximately $130 billion. This nuclear plant proposal at Belew’s Creek is part of that overall plan.

I support nuclear power… even in our backyard. I detest however, the political gamesmanship and corruption that have led to this becoming necessary. It is absolute lunacy that the uniparty is rejecting natural gas power plants. And here we are.


2 thoughts on “Is the Triad Going Nuclear?

  1. I am 100% for nuclear, coal and natural gas.

    Green energy is a loser.

    The bottom line is that wind and solar energy are a train wreck. Unfortunately, under current government policy, you and I are passengers on the train.

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