Woodlawn, Chicago Rejects Migrants

Woodlawn is immediately next door to Obama’s Hyde Park in Chicago. The black residents there during the last week or so have rebelled against the city of Chicago’s decision to house migrants there who had crossed the southern border.

We are also going to be housing these kinds of folks here in Greensboro. This is thanks to Congresswoman Kathy Manning who broke her sternum and at least one bone in her foot this week in a motor vehicle accident.

Do we have the right to oppose the housing of migrants in our area also?

The video below depicts the situation in Woodlawn; but also discusses Governor Pritzker’s decision to allow non-citizen migrants to become police officers there:


2 thoughts on “Woodlawn, Chicago Rejects Migrants

  1. Hey don’t forget that Chicago is a sanctuary city. It is a war zone. Lori Lightfoot has been replaced with a full blown communist mayor. It is refreshing to see the residents speak out. But Chicago is not my kind of town. Oh, if old Frankie ” Blue Eyes ” could see it now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iit8y7biHY

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