2 thoughts on “Profiting Off Transgender Treatments in North Carolina

  1. TC: Not only is Sloan Rachmuth a loud voice against the marketing of transgenderism but Sloan is an entrepreneur-turned- journalist & activist passionate about defending the political and educational rights of all Americans. She has spent the past 6 years evangelizing a direct and determined approach to fighting bigotry and has helped parents and students stand up to school administrators aiming to take away their personal liberties.

    She has also exposed the financial roots of violent Antifa mobs who have destroyed lives and small businesses; she has spotlighted the funders of the Defund the Police movement, and she has been consistently revealing the damaging effects of ‘anti-racist’ Critical Race Theory in our K-12 classrooms. Sloan is a contributor at the Federalist, The National Pulse, The American Conservative, and Law Enforcement Today.

    She is a valiant warrior for parents and children.

    TC: Thank you for sharing the video.

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