Congressman Dan Bishop to Run For State Attorney General

I know many would like him to run for US Senate one day. But I think he can be a real asset as Attorney General for the state of North Carolina:


“Congressman Bishop is a strong supporter of free markets, school choice, and is a leading voice in the U.S. House of Representatives pushing back against the Biden Administration’s radical agenda,” David McIntosh, the Club for Growth PAC President, said in a statement. “We look forward to providing the necessary support to ensure Bishop becomes North Carolina’s next attorney general”

On Thursday, Bishop said supporters have asked him whether he considers the attorney general seat to be a step down, professionally. He said no, because the position can play a key role in high-profile political fights.

“It’s an enormously influential post,” Bishop told WBT. “Attorneys general have sort of evolved over the last 20 years and many of the policy fights we fight out are attorneys general bringing litigation to contain the federal bureaucracy from overreach.”


2 thoughts on “Congressman Dan Bishop to Run For State Attorney General

  1. TC: This is a tough choice. Bishop is needed in the House. He is perfect for the Senate. He would make an excellent Attorney General both in NC but federally.

    Good luck to him. It has been difficult in the past to elect a Republican AG even though state wide the GOP has dominated. It is hard to believe that so many voters have split their tickets on a down ballot race. We shall see

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