Worse Than We Could Have Imagined

Many of us knew during the 2012 election season that Mitt Romney was a problem. The Republican establishment had insisted that he be the nominee; but it was clear he was not a conservative.

Since he became a US Senator from Utah, he has turned out to be much worse than suspected.

In this video, Rand Paul is seen valiantly attempting to defend a legislative effort he made to prevent the federal government from urging censorship of American citizens. This had been happening repeatedly over the last several years. Romney opposes Paul’s efforts to protect free speech, and sides with the socialist committee chairman. Check it out:


2 thoughts on “Worse Than We Could Have Imagined

  1. Willard ” Pierre Delecto ” Romney is a flaming RINO. He voted to convict President Trump in the first and second impeachment trials. I could go on but even talking about him makes me ill.

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