6 thoughts on “The Leader of the Republican “Opposition” in the Senate

  1. I was going to ask you. Are there different types of strokes with different symptoms and would this appear to be one?
    Don’t forget the Senator from Pa.

    1. Tommy, a mini-stroke by definition reverses itself and leaves no permanent problems, whereas a stroke leaves permanent issues. But there can be varied symptoms with strokes and mini-strokes, and these symptoms can vary in severity also. Sometimes it can be numbness and weakness on one side of the body or one side of the face. But sometimes it can be dizziness and/or decreased level of consciousness or decreased awareness or confusion. Sometimes it can result in loss of sight, hearing, speech, etc.

      Sometimes strokes can be because of a bleed, and sometimes they can be because of a clogged artery.

      An absence (pronounced ab-sons) seizure can also result in a brief period of loss of awareness or confusion, and an attack of low blood sugar can probably do this also. Other explanations? Dehydration, blood chemistry abnormalities, infection in an elderly person or even a medication side effect.

  2. He seems to be alright, now. Not my favorite Republican but I do wish him well.

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