Voter Photo ID Rules: Your Chance To Impact the Process

The NC State Board of Elections has just proposed a temporary rule regarding Voter ID in response to a recent court ruling. It is going to be reviewed by the state Rules Review Commission tomorrow. The Commission has already proposed some suggested edits of the rule as submitted.

The rule and the proposed edits are found here.

It is pretty clear that the State Board of Elections is trying to create ample wiggle room to assure that ballots are accepted when the photograph does not match the person who is presenting to vote. But that undermines the purpose of photo ID requirements.

Fortunately, the process allows for concerned citizens to register written objections. If more than ten objections are received, it triggers an automatic review by the legislative oversight committee.

You can register your objection by sending an e-mail to It would be a downright shame if election authorities are able to sabotage the voter ID process.


6 thoughts on “Voter Photo ID Rules: Your Chance To Impact the Process

  1. Very concerned that the voter ID integrity will be violated if these proposed new rules allow for discrepancies with a voter’s photo ID and the face of the person presenting it. Do you think a TSA employee would allow a person onto a plane if their ID did not match the actual boarding passenger? Of course not!!!! Please tighten up theses rules to protect the voting process and more importantly, our democratic process.

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