OTC Birth Control Pills

Now, Biden has made the birth control pill over-the-counter.

This is a major medical and cultural error.

One issue is that birth control pills can cause potentially fatal blood clots.

But the larger issue is what the birth control pill has done to our culture and our families. This type of medication really should never have been made widely available to control fertility and childbearing.

What have been the consequences of the pill? Sexual intercourse was dissociated from child-bearing. That opened the door to rampant multiple partner sexuality, fatherlessness, single parent homes, poverty and the spread of sexually transmitted infections with all their concomitant complications including widespread infertility.

A major consequence of the pill is smaller families, and a wider culture unable to perpetuate itself. That leads to elites importing illegal aliens from other countries. But of course, it was these same elites who brought us the pill. Their motives seem quite clear in retrospect.

God had a plan for sexuality, reproduction and the family; and it did not include the pill.


2 thoughts on “OTC Birth Control Pills

  1. This is a big and irreversible mistake. But then again Enovid et al and diaphragms have been around for six decades.

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