3 thoughts on “The “Useless Class” Created by AI

  1. It occurred to me while watching this video, that we already have a useless class without the help of Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms and such is above my pay-grade . I do, however, take seriously what Harari warns us about…… that there is no kill switch for artificial intelligence and he further argues for the implementation of safety checks and guardrails, or else risk the possibility of societal collapse.

  2. Whoa.. get a hold of this:

    “Rap legend and Hollywood actor Ice Cube is not a big fan of artificial intelligence, and he went absolutely scorched earth on the new technological development that is sweeping the globe and etching a new groove in popular culture. The rap artist has been slowly building his cred with the conservative movement — and with that rare breed of individuals in the center who possess common sense — by confessing all sorts of positions on issues and topics of the day, including a certain shot that shall not be named.

    According to a report from Breitbart News, Ice Cube is convinced that artificial intelligence is a tool that is going to lead to creative droughts and laziness as it is applied to the realm of art and entertainment. His comments were made during an interview he conducted with Charlamagne Tha God on “The Breakfast Club” podcast.

    “I think it’s wack,” Ice Cube went on to say during the interview. “I think it’s the worst s**t ever. I think it’s gonna put a lot of people out of business and out of work. Everything is gonna be more vanilla. It’s not gonna be more creative. It’s actually gonna go the other way.”

    “People are gonna get lazier. Nobody’s gonna work hard and nobody’s gonna attain the knowledge so they can write it down. They’re just gonna ask for the knowledge. People are just gonna get stupider,” the rap superstar continued.

    Ice Cube admitted that artificial intelligence is probably going to end up being part of our society whether we like it or not, suggesting that folks who end up losing their jobs because of the technology are going to be forced to do a little creative problem-solving.

    “Look. When they invented the light bulb, the candle maker had to figure out how to make money. So they started making candles that smell like all kinds of stuff to make money. So, adapt. Adapt or die. And that’s just it,” he explained matter-of-factly.

    Concerning the overall impact AI is having on art, Charlamagne Tha God weighed in saying that some of the work being produced by it might lack depth, even though it might appear to have surface-level quality.”

    1. Fred, I think Ice Cube is for the most part right about this. AI is going to be a major challenge for large numbers of people whose skill sets are going to be rendered obsolete. It would be best to put a stop to it, but it seems doubtful that will happen.

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