How the Transgender Movement Became More Prevalent

I have previously pointed out that the Supreme Court’s Obergefell was instrumental. But this new video by Christopher Rufo expands on the recent history, including profiles of some little-known figures who have had significant influence, as well as the political and cultural philosophies at work. Warning– the video is fairly disturbing:


2 thoughts on “How the Transgender Movement Became More Prevalent

  1. Rufo performed a valuable public service by producing this video. Only a tiny fraction (.03 % ) of the US population identify as transgender. I think this is a fad which collapse in due course despite it being pushed down our throats at the moment.

  2. Fred, I sure hope it collapses, as you predict.

    It is very interesting how prominently the Pritzker family’s influence is highlighted. This is the wealthy Jewish family from Chicago that also happened to be Barack Obama’s early sponsors.

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