Biden’s Big Plan to Fight Fentanyl

Never fear. Even though we have a huge epidemic of fentanyl-related deaths, and the new introduction of another deadly drug– xylazine– the Biden White House is addressing the situation. It has released a new plan that addresses, among other things, “supply reduction”:

Law enforcement and elected officials must coordinate with their public health colleagues in order to enhance the efficacy of their efforts to reduce and disrupt the illicit supply chain and go after traffickers.

But when Biden’s people speak about trying to reduce the supply of these illegal drugs, not a single word is spoken about the open border with Mexico. In fact, China is sending raw materials to Mexico for the production of fentanyl which finds its way into our country. Heroin is also an issue.

But Biden is beholden to China and the open borders interests. He will do very little to confront China over this situation or to shut down the border.

The Biden plan is therefore a fraud. And huge numbers of Americans– primarily young and middle-aged– will continue to be killed by these illegal drugs unnecessarily.


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