The Cost of Matriarchy in Greensboro

Yesterday, I was driving around Pisgah Church Rd. and Battleground Ave. as a thunderstorm was clearing. I noticed there were power outages along the way.

I took a walk in my neighborhood yesterday, and noticed a utility truck working on the power lines. A portion of the neighborhood was without power, but my home was spared.

We lost our power as I was getting ready to work this morning. (Update: The outage lasted eight hours).

Let’s switch gears. On the News and Record website this morning, there was a story suggesting we were going to set another record for homicides in Greensboro this year. Councilwomen Goldie Wells and Sharon Hightower expressed concern.

Of course, our City Council’s unwillingness to use truly proactive policing– and the tendency to vilify and undermine police– are a couple of the root causes of the major increase in homicides we are seeing. The City Council’s crusade to make it much more difficult for Duke Energy to trim tree limbs around power lines is a major root cause of the frequent power outages we are experiencing.

We have had matriarchal government in Greensboro for a long time. Women with exceedingly poor judgment have had a supermajority on our City Council for over a decade.

Of course, there is another dimension of matriarchy contributing to Greensboro’s crime problem. The absence of fathers in black families in east Greensboro is a major contributor to crime rates. But if we had good policing, the number of murders could be minimized.

Our leadership stands in the way of solutions. We therefore have far too many homicides and frequent power outages in a manner reminiscent of third world countries.


8 thoughts on “The Cost of Matriarchy in Greensboro

  1. Serve the people…or serve the activist voting block that keeps you in power?
    You know who they choose.

  2. 40 years ago Greensboro was a nice place to live and raise a family. Not so much anymore.

  3. Many, many of the Power Outages in Greensboro are a result of car crashes! the exorbitant number of car crashes in Greensboro is a result of our city’s failure to enforce traffic law. This is affecting the Citizens, as well as the Businessowners. I live near Wendover Ave. and we lost power twice in one week due to car crashes! The problem is we have a Mayor and a City Manager that don’t understand the importance of strict law enforcement to protect their Law Abiding Citizens! Nancy and Taiwo have got to go!

    Jim Donaldson

    1. Jim, thanks for your comments, and I agree they have to go.

      The tree ordinance that was passed several years ago– before the pandemic– has had huge implications also with regard to power outages. They made it costly and risky for Duke Energy to assure the lines are clear of limbs.

  4. In late 2019 GSO Council gave sitting councilwoman and former mayor Yvonne Johnson $500,000 tax dollars in a no-bid contract for her Cure Violence program to begin in 2020.
    In 2020 GSO recorded 61 homicides, a disastrous record.
    Cure Violence didn’t work.
    This year GSO recorded 36 homicides at the end of June, projected to eclipse the record set in 2020.
    GSO Council just allocated another $390,000 for the Cure Violence program which they already know is a dismal failure.

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