Friendly Avenue Rezoning Emerges

The area immediately west of Friendly Shopping Center has been somewhat of a suburban-style refuge for some time. Large swaths of West Friendly Avenue, Holden Rd. and Westridge Rd. have been reasonably free of commercial establishments and multifamily housing. (Disclosure: This is the area in which I reside).

It turns out a new proposal has emerged that would place multi-family housing on some lots on West Friendly Avenue. The area affected is located in the stretch between Westminster Presbyterian Church and the fire station. The appearance is that it would be an upscale development, but the implications are clear. If this is approved, all bets are off with regard to what the future will be for this part of town.

Numerous signs have been popping up in the area opposing the rezoning.

There is one additional wrinkle. The fellow who used to be the executive director of the failed Jewish school (at the intersection of Hobbs Rd. and Jefferson Rd.) also happens to be the developer for this property. This is the same school that is being turned into a housing facility for illegal immigrants.

The Triad Business Journal has the details.

It will be interesting to see how Nancy Hoffmann, Nancy Vaughan and the rest of the Greensboro City Council handle this situation.


2 thoughts on “Friendly Avenue Rezoning Emerges

  1. The commercial real estate developers usually get their way with the city council.
    Am I wrong ?

    1. No, you are absolutely right, Fred.

      But I wonder whether this type of move might trigger a revolt against this crowd, which is long overdue. But given the nature of the local population…

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