The Long March at NCMS

I had a chance to view a video produced by the North Carolina Medical Society for its members. It discusses an abortion-related bill that is making its way through the General Assembly.

Notice how they are very meticulous about informing “providers” about the paperwork they must complete in order to perform abortions. They also express concern about the fact that there might be a bit of a delay with Medicaid expansion; and that some people might not qualify for Medicaid in the near future.

The folks on the video are very pleasant and affable. However, they facilitate providers performing abortions, and also are biased toward the welfare state and all the problems associated with it.

This video is a great example of the progressive/socialist long march through the institutions. It is right here in North Carolina at our state medical society.


2 thoughts on “The Long March at NCMS

  1. These folks are like crab grass. You think you have killed them but they keep reemerging.

    1. Great analogy, Fred. I saw an article recently about “progressive privilege” that I might post about at some point. THEY have all the advantages because they have insinuated themselves (despite moral and ethical corruption and wrong-headedness) into some of the most important institutions in our society.

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