Tim Moore: I Knew She Was Married, But I Thought It Was OK

WRAL reports that Republican NC House Speaker Tim Moore admits to having had a “relationship” with a woman who was married. I will leave it to the reader what the term “relationship” means in this context.

He also said he thought it was acceptable to have this “relationship” because his understanding was that the woman was separated from her husband.

This clearly is a form of rationalization on Moore’s part. If she was married and the “relationship” was sexual, then he committed adultery according to scriptural definition. (Indeed, Jesus Christ Himself set an even more stringent standard for adultery.)

The world might regard his rationalization as acceptable, but it is not.


2 thoughts on “Tim Moore: I Knew She Was Married, But I Thought It Was OK

  1. TC: I suspect you are correct. His GOP colleagues will probably accept Moore’s explanation. Will the public or are they even paying attention ?

    1. According to the standards of this world, Fred, Moore’s behavior is entirely acceptable. Given that fact, I think you might be right that his GOP colleagues will “see no evil”. Why would they behave differently on this matter than they have on so many others?

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