Hospital Covid Protocols Killed

Below you will find a well-produced documentary that dramatizes the horrendous manner in which hospital systems treated Covid patients. While I might not agree with every statement made or sentiment expressed, overall the take-home message is valid.

There are plenty of tears. Three women gave accounts of their experiences with hospital protocols. Dr. Mary Bowden and Senator Ron Johnson are featured.

Another point dramatized is the fact that the government incentivized hospital systems with large payments for certain types of treatment; and the corrupt hospital systems “cashed in” by following the federal government’s protocols instead of allowing doctors to practice medicine. The documentary is called, “Making a Killing”:


2 thoughts on “Hospital Covid Protocols Killed

  1. First of all I watched the entire video. Those are two truly sad stories that could have been prevented. It has heightened my fear of hospitals.

    Are hospitals prisons ? From listening to those witnesses one could make that assumption.

    Is there anything that can be done besides making the public aware of the situation ?

    1. That was a big time commitment to watch the entire video, Fred. I appreciate your doing that.

      Hospitals are regulated at the state level. If you had a truly well-functioning regulatory system, this ought to be correctable. Similarly, the Joint Commission regulates hospitals on behalf of the federal government. One could make formal complaints to these regulatory bodies, but if they have been “captured” by the industry, it will be to no avail.

      Legislation also could fix the problem, except that the legislators tend to be captured by the hospital systems.

      And then there is litigation, which ought to ordinarily be a deterrent. (I seem to recall liability was legislatively waived for Covid cases.)

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