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  1. I watched the entire hearing on CSPAN this morning where 3 Agents testified how the FBI had retaliated against them for being whistle blowers. It turned their lives upside down and made them paupers dependent on charity . The Bureau put them on unpaid leave and took away their security clearances making it impossible for them to find a job. I think they are waiting for the other shoe to drop.. You are fired !

    FBI agents don’t have the same protections as DEA, IRS, ATP, Secret Service and ICE.

    This is wrong and needs reform.

    1. Yes, Fred, I saw that this afternoon also. The socialists are, indeed, acting like the communists and the fascists.

      It was a really bad day for the FBI. The question is what the Republicans are going to do about it.

  2. Former Agent Says FBI Took Away His Pay, Left ‘Family Homeless’ After He Blew Whistle On ‘Illegal’ Activity:

    ” Former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent Garret O’Boyle said his family became homeless after he reported “illegal activity” in the agency, according to a report from the House Judiciary Committee and Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government released on Thursday.

    O’Boyle disclosed possible illegal actions to his Supervisory Special Agent, and the FBI subsequently reassigned him to a different department that forced him to relocate his family across the country, according to the report. Upon arrival on his first day, the FBI placed O’Boyle on “unpaid, indefinite suspension, effectively rendering his ‘family homeless’” and depriving them of personal belongings, “including his young children’s clothing,” which the FBI kept in storage, according to the report.

    O’Boyle and other FBI whistleblowers each detailed instances of retaliatory actions they have dealt with after making protected disclosures regarding what they sincerely believed to be misconduct, according to the report.

    A common thread among their accounts is that the FBI infringed upon federal whistleblower protection statutes and exploited the security clearance evaluation process “to hamstring the brave agents who exercise their right to make protected disclosures to Congress or who dared to question agency leadership.”

    O’Boyle served the U.S. Army as an infantryman in Iraq and Afghanistan for a year each, according to his testimony in the report. He received the Combat Infantryman Badge.

    The report alleged that the whistleblower testimony reveals “that the FBI’s partisan leadership is currently engaging in a ‘purge’ of agents who hold conservative beliefs.”

    The whistleblower disclosures and Special Counsel John Durham’s report show “that the FBI has become politically weaponized,” according to the report.

    One of the whistleblowers said the FBI is currently “cancerous” and has “let itself become enveloped in this politicization and weaponization.”

    The FBI classified “every single January 6th case . . . as a domestic terrorism case,” according to O’Boyle, despite hundreds of them being resolved as “petty crimes” like “trespassing and disorderly conduct.”

    “[T]he FBI holds [the January 6th investigation] up as the biggest investigation that it’s ever had,” he testified. “So if you’re categorizing all of them as domestic terrorism cases, yeah, they would double.”

    “The FBI’s mission is to uphold the Constitution and protect the American people,” the FBI told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The FBI has not and will not retaliate against individuals who make protected whistleblower disclosures.”

    1. Fred, I think it was Darren Beattie of Revolver News who today said, with insight, that we now have a very high level of awareness of what has been going on, but very little efficacy to bring accountability and to fix these situations.

      I heard others exclaim, as did Tucker Carlson, that it is all fake– the myth of Republican self-government, of democracy, of a two-party system, of a President and a Congress that we elect.

      One other observer felt it would require the courts to fix much of this, because the other branches will not or cannot.

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