The North Carolina Abortion “Compromise”: Before a Single Committee Hearing

The North Carolina Republicans in Raleigh trotted out this morning a group of female GOP legislators who would introduce their abortion bill. It includes a 12 week limit and also a variety of welfare state measures to “soften the blow”.

They compromised before they had a single committee hearing on the subject, and before they had even a single discussion with lefty legislators. It was a pre-emptive surrender to satisfy political concerns. These Raleigh Republicans are extremely concerned about the “suburban soccer mom” vote.

But their “compromise” did not satisfy the left. They were ready to roar back with multiple rallies in Raleigh and Charlotte in spite of the Republicans’ efforts to moderate.

This reveals, of course, the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Republicans’ approach. The media/left complex was going to go after them anyway. It would have been better if they had produced a good bill that would have markedly diminished the number of abortions in the state. It would have been better to have produced a bill that would have been pleasing to God Himself.

Instead, their bill is lackluster and will prevent few abortions. And North Carolina will continue to be an abortion destination for women from surrounding states where the laws are more stringent.


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