Greensboro City Council Scheming to Pass Prepared Food Tax

The plan is to try to place an additional 1% tax on all restaurant meals– and this would include take-out. It is ostensibly to benefit “tourism”.

But this obviously reflects a desire to serve certain special interests that benefit from tourism. The same crowd lustily pursued construction of the aquatic center and the performing arts center– for the same reasons.

Citizens of Greensboro and Guilford County live with incessant increases to property taxes, other taxes and fees. Our leaders view the citizenry as a foe to be plundered.


2 thoughts on “Greensboro City Council Scheming to Pass Prepared Food Tax

  1. The City Council has about run out of things to tax. They even impose a rainwater tax runoff . This prepared food tax is an outrage . Sales tax increases keep being voted down. Enough is enough !

    1. In their eyes, Fred, it is NEVER enough. This is apparently a way to sneak in a sales tax increase without the taxpayers voting on it.

      This is corrupt machine politics at work.

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