A Bill to Give BCBS of NC Special Considerations Advancing

BCBS of NC is pushing legislators in Raleigh to allow it to evade certain regulatory requirements in accordance with its non-profit status. This follows a trend seen in other states where we have seen the various “Blues” become for-profit and/or merge with the “Blues” from other states. (For instance, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is a plan that covers the state of Virginia and numerous other states.)

The behavior of BCBS of NC during recent years does not resemble that of a non-profit. I experienced this firsthand when it canceled my inexpensive, grandfathered, pre-Obamacare HSA-style plan and then tried to coerce me to purchase a much more expensive plan compliant with Obamacare. The former plan continued to be perfectly legal, but BCBS saw more potential for profit-making given the new Obamacare environment.

BCBS of NC showers state legislators with political contributions. It has accumulated huge reserves under its non-profit status. It is able to pay its executives huge salaries. There are questions as to what would happen to its reserves, and how much more it would charge customers, if this legislation were to become law. Mike Causey– the state insurance commissioner– has sounded the alarm. The Daily Haymaker also comments.

We need to be intensely suspicious of what is happening with this legislation. I had great confidence in our Republican-led state legislature 12 years ago when they first assumed control; but that confidence has since dissipated.


2 thoughts on “A Bill to Give BCBS of NC Special Considerations Advancing

  1. There are no saints or angels in the health insurance industry.

    The insurance commissioner seems to be saying that that the bill will give consumers fewer choices and higher premiums.

    Whereas BCBS says over regulation will cause rate hikes.

    I thought the Carolina Journal article was fair and balanced.

    The question is who are you going to believe.

    That may be besides the point.. it appears to be a done deal.

    1. You are absolutely correct, Fred, that this appears to be a “done deal”, unless of course, Cooper vetoes it and there are insufficient votes for an over-ride.

      I tend to believe Causey. We have seen both the hospital systems and BCBC of NC exploit their non-profit status in order to profit…

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