NC Mainstream Media Overwrought Concern over Transgender Bills, Robinson

It is incredible how they pull off these dirty tricks repeatedly over a period of decades.

The News and Record had a story that highlighted one major stated concern over the various transgender bills being advanced in the General Assembly. The big worry is that the bills, if passed, will interfere with the state’s economic progress and persuade businesses not to locate here. This is in spite of the fact that multiple other states have passed these types of bills. Another article published by the same paper proclaims these bills are “all bad” in its headline.

There is little effort to highlight how these bills might be regarded as good, or what legitimate concerns they are addressing. The articles quote liberally from a leader of a LGBTQ organization.

Meanwhile, the Triangle-area TV station WRAL uses two articles to highlight concerns that Mark Robinson’s past statements will pose a problem for him, and that they are “controversial”.

We rarely see such concerns and characterizations made about statements made by politicians on the far left. They only tend to be applied to conservatives.

And they wonder why the media is held in such low esteem; and why people are increasingly turning away from trusting the establishment media. In fact, they are thoroughly corrupt.


2 thoughts on “NC Mainstream Media Overwrought Concern over Transgender Bills, Robinson

  1. Yes, TC, the MSM is no longer respected by thinking people. I really think Robinson has a decent chance of becoming Governor.

  2. Fred, I think Robinson has a decent chance if Tillis does not enter the race. If Tillis enters the race with national GOP-e support, then that changes things dramatically. You would have Robinson, Folwell and perhaps Walker splitting up the anti-Tillis vote.

    As for the MSM, I saw a commentator last night suggest that the future is podcasting and streaming networks; and that people are going to be abandoning MSM TV news by the end of the decade. We shall see.

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