“We Already Have a Pandemic of the Vaccines”

I attended a meeting of the North Carolina Physicians for Freedom last night in Chapel Hill. Dr. Peter McCullough was once again our featured speaker. He spoke well over an hour and related the most recent estimate that nearly 500,000 have died in the United States over the last two years because of the Covid vaccines.

Ed Dowd is interviewed below starting around the 4:20 mark. He relates the work he has done outlining the large spike in deaths, disabilities and injuries resulting in absenteeism from work and decreased productivity. He estimated the economic loss in this country over a period of one year at approximately $100 billion. He hypothesizes this may be due in part to “VAIDS”– i.e., Vaccine Aquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome causing susceptibility to infections:


2 thoughts on ““We Already Have a Pandemic of the Vaccines”

  1. The horse is out of the barn, The damage has been done, The drum beat is getting louder and louder. What will be done ? A new administration would be helpful.

    1. Yes, it would be perhaps. Trump continues to regard the vaccines as one of his successes, however. He has not yet demonstrated acknowledgment of what has been happening. That is an issue, regardless of whether DeSantis runs.

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