Confronting Fauci’s Obfuscations

This black guy did an excellent job responding to Fauci’s nonsense. He knew more than his visitors did (HT: NC Renegade), one of whom was the highest paid employee within the federal government:


2 thoughts on “Confronting Fauci’s Obfuscations

  1. Well, that was refreshing. Good for that man.

    “The latest Twitter Files are out. In this installment the authorities confront a crisis of disbelief in the teachings of Fauci. As President Muffley almost says in Dr. Strangelove, “Gentlemen, you can’t disagree in here, this is the Covid war room.” Actually, you can’t disagree anywhere. Say this for the authorities. Unlike Vice President Harris, they do not confuse “exasperate” for “exacerbate.” Their mania to suppress divergence from the teachings of Fauci is beyond exasperating.

    The Virality project, run out of Stanford, is a dedicated censorship operation to protect Fauci and suppress all negative data on COVID-19 vaccine. The mentality is that you are too stupid to be trusted with the truth.”

    1. It is fascinating, Fred, how some people exhibited common sense and insight; and others did not. We are all made differently.

      With regard to Twitter, the sequential revelations demonstrate efforts to censor and suppress the truth that are much more numerous and extensive and varied than any of us would have imagined.

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