Only “Omerta” Can Explain It

Consider all the election fraud that took place during the last couple of election cycles– and how we know so little about the larger forces that set it all in motion.

Consider all the events of January 6 and the limited information we know. It is obvious that the official narrative makes no sense.

What could explain all the fraud surrounding both instances?

One gentleman thinks he has figured out why January 6 was handled as it was. The theory is that Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts were seeking a justification to handle the election certification under emergency orders, thereby averting motions from the floor that would give grounds to appeal everything to the Supreme Court. (HT: Leon)

Some readers might be familiar with “Omerta“– the Mafia code of silence. It is pretty obvious there is a code of silence protecting all the larger forces that have been orchestrating election fraud; and also protecting those who orchestrated the events of January 6. It must be overwhelmingly powerful to prevent everyone from spilling the beans.


3 thoughts on “Only “Omerta” Can Explain It

  1. In 2020 election fraud was rampant and palpable but the courts wouldn’t hear it on grounds of standing.

    They dismissed more than 50 lawsuits brought by Trump or his allies alleging election fraud and other irregularities.

    1. Nobody had standing, Fred. We are supposed to believe that. But there would have been standing had motions been made on the floors of Congress on Jan 6, according to this account.

      Another “Omerta” moment is the silence regarding those who supported Antifa and BLUM leading up to the May/June riots, 2020.

      These folks– the socialists and the Deep State– are sticking together.

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