Government Censorship in the Good Ole’ USA

An excellent article by John Davidson appeared in Imprimis regarding efforts to censor political and cultural speech on the part of federal agencies, democratic socialists and the mainstream media. Twitter was the target. Check it out.

Senator Kelly– a Democrat from Arizona– within the last couple of days inquired about having social media censor those calling for bank runs.

It appears the socialists have a major totalitarian tendency. This is a major threat as long as they continue to get elected, and as long as we continue to allow the federal bureaucracy to abuse its power.


2 thoughts on “Government Censorship in the Good Ole’ USA

  1. I had just finished reading the hard copy of John Daniel Davidson’s piece in the January edition of Imprimis when I saw this post.

    Davidson provides a nice comprehensive picture of the Twitter files.

    Here is just one nugget from a plateful:

    ” Among the most shocking revelations of the Twitter Files is the extent to which federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies came to view Twitter as a tool for censorship and narrative control. In part six of the Twitter Files, Taibbi chronicles the “constant and pervasive” contact between the FBI and Twitter after January 2020, “as if [Twitter] were a subsidiary.” In particular, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security wanted Twitter to censor tweets and lock accounts it believed were engaged in “election misinformation,” and would regularly send the company content it had pre-flagged for moderation, essentially dragooning Twitter into what would otherwise be illegal government censorship. Taibbi calls it a “master-canine” relationship. When requests for censorship came in from the feds, Twitter obediently complied—even when the tweets in question were clearly jokes or posted on accounts with few followers. “

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