Thom Tillis on the Same Side as Chuck Schumer

Tillis used some foul language to express his displeasure with Tucker Carlson, as the Haymaker reports. I had never seen him reported to have used foul language in response to any other issue.

It turns out that character is EVERYTHING. Schumer, McConnell and Tillis have none:


6 thoughts on “Thom Tillis on the Same Side as Chuck Schumer

  1. Tillis has forgotten who he represents. Wonder how he is polling with the folks down home.

    Here is John Blust in the comments section of the Haymaker article:

    ” Tillis obviously did not watch the Tucker Carlson show the night before his comments about the show. He misrepresented what Carlson said. Why would anyone oppose airing actual video?? It is also likely that Tillis in unaware of a lot of other video that gives lie to the Democrat narrative about January 6, 2021 at the Capitol. No one has said nothing happened that day. To argue the straw man that if you do not agree to the “insurrection” narrative that you are then denying anything happened is part of the deception.”

    1. Fred, it was apparent that very same day (Jan 6) that the socialists and the GOP establishment had prepared their speeches, with associated dramatics, to deliver on the Senate floor to express their deepest outrage and contempt for the MAGA crowd. It was all orchestrated. I think they knew what they were doing. They instigated a scam; and now are doing everything they can to maintain and perpetuate it.

    1. Yes; and it is amazing to think back about how his crowd– the GOPe forces– absolutely trashed any substantial conservatives who challenged him in a primary when he ran for Senate during 2014 and 2020.

  2. Tillis’ words do not surprise anyone that understands that the Republicans didn’t want Donald Trump to be president any more than the Democrats. The Jan 6 lie serves their shared desire: keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

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