7 Year Old North Carolina Boy Dies after Journalist Father Promoted Covid Vaccines for Children

The boy– Jackson Ball– lived with his family in the Triangle region. He is reported to have died of a “catastrophic brain event”.

His father had previously worked as a journalist for the left-wing think tank NC Policy Watch. He most recently has been managing editor of an online local news site called Cardinal and Pine.

The father had reportedly engaged in promoting the Covid vaccines for children. Some tweets were uncovered, and are provided in the above linked story, demonstrating that he had jousted verbally with those who opposed the official narratives regarding Covid-19 and the vaccines. One tweet seemed to suggest that his own kids were being vaccinated.

“Catastrophic brain events” are known to be caused by the Covid vaccines in a relatively small percentage of those who take it.

This is a very tragic story. The Ball family was misled by public health and medical authorities; by government; and by media groupthink. They–like many other Americans– were in no position to correctly interpret all that was happening and that was being advanced. The fact is that the risk-benefit ratio for kids and young adults for taking the Covid vaccine is extremely poor. The risk far outweighs any potential benefit. And that should have been made clear to everyone from the moment the Covid vaccines materialized.

This family deserved better.


4 thoughts on “7 Year Old North Carolina Boy Dies after Journalist Father Promoted Covid Vaccines for Children

  1. This is a truly sad event. The only positive coming out of it is that Jackson Ball was an organ donor. That is all I have got to say.

    1. It is very sad, Fred. Obviously, that type of event is very infrequent ordinarily in 7-year old kids. And if this was truly a vaccine-related fatality, there are likely many more of these among children here in NC that we have not yet heard about.

  2. I personally wouldn’t suggest allowing organ donation. The spike protein travels the entire body.

    1. Good point, Chance. The entire world of organ donation– and donated blood– needs to be reconsidered. In fact, an entire industry is developing to enable folks to donate their own blood, or to get it from trusted sources.

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