Establishment Media Reporter Confronts Biden War Apologist

This fellow Kirby is awful. The term “gaslighting” is intended to illustrate when public figures intentionally lie to the public to achieve their own objectives. The Associated Press historically has been a very biased news organization; but its reporter in this instance did a good job of destroying Biden’s stated justifications for war against Russia. He rightfully points out that Ukraine has NOT been a part of NATO, thereby suggesting we are not committed to defending it. He also correctly asserts that NATO has repeatedly expanded closer to Russia’s territorial borders over time which Russia has perceived as a threat. He did not mention the fact that Obama had overthrown a pro-Russian government in Ukraine nine years ago, which set the stage for the current situation. I recommend watching the first six minutes of this video:


2 thoughts on “Establishment Media Reporter Confronts Biden War Apologist

  1. Yes, the AP is definitely leftist but that was a refreshing take down of Biden’s mouthpiece . This Ukraine mess is draining our strategic weapons supply. It is like a minnow trap .. easy to enter but no exit.

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