Putin Accurately Diagnoses the “Moral Rot” in the United States and the West

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ratcheting up their proxy war against Russia; and are throwing around reckless rhetoric to further provoke Putin.

In response, Putin is pulling out of a nuclear agreement with the United States. In addition, he gave a speech that was very insightful regarding the cultural state of the United States and much of the rest of the Western world.

The National File:

Russian President Vladimir Putin dedicated a portion of his State of the Nation address to blasting left-wing attacks against the family unit and the normalization of pedophilia, saying that pedophilia and the sexualization of children have become the “new norm” in NATO nations. He warned the Russian People against the reality that awaits them should they give in to globalism.

In addition to announcing his nation’s withdrawal from the START nuclear armament reduction treaty, amidst concerns of a hot war with NATO over Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin took a few moments out of his State of the Nation address to blast the degradation of humanity and the Christian faith in the Western World.

With Russia winning on the battlefield in Ukraine, the globalist leaders of the West have turned to “information attacks” that target kids, with the express intent of destroying “our culture” and “historical truth,” Putin said.

“They cannot ignore the fact that Russia cannot be defeated on the battlefield, so they’re waging increasingly aggressive information attacks, first of all targeting the young generations, lying on every step, distorting historical truth, attacking our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other traditional religious institutions in our country,” Putin said.

And what they’re doing in the West, to their own people, is even worse, Putin went on to say.

“Look at what they’re doing to their own people,” Putin said of left-wing NATO governments, calling out organized, legalized pedophilia by name.

“They’re destroying the institution of family, their cultural-historical identity, and various perversions with regards to children, up to pedophilia, are accepted as the new norm.”

“Priests [in NATO nations] are forced to recognize and officiate same-sex weddings,” he added, before offering the globalists some spiritual advice.

“Maybe they should take a look into the scripture, into the Holy Book of any great religion,” Putin advised. “It says that the family is a union between a woman and a man. And these holy texts are now being increasingly doubted in the West.”

“The Anglican Church is now considering the idea of a ‘gender-neutral’ God,” Putin said. “What can we say? God forgive them. They don’t know what they’re doing.”

The excerpts above represent a major reason that Joe Biden and the rest of his team absolutely hate Putin and Russia. They have refused to buy into the cultural and moral rot that is prevalent in the United States, in much of Europe and in other western nations. And our fighting a proxy war with them is, in part, intended to impose this kind of rot on Russia.


2 thoughts on “Putin Accurately Diagnoses the “Moral Rot” in the United States and the West

  1. I am not surprise by Putin’s speech. I hate to say it but he is spot on in so many ways.

    Ora pro nobis.

    1. Fred, another interpretation is that Biden is motivated by a desire to expand the globalist American-led Western empire. But in fact, all of the things Putin described are intrinsic parts of that “empire” at this point.

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