5 thoughts on “The Sequential Revelations Regarding Classified Documents Did Not Occur at Random

    1. It presents a theory that is plausible, Fred. Another theory is that some White Hats within the intelligence community recognize that Trump was treated very poorly, and want to somehow make things right. But these releases did not happen by themselves. There were some motivations behind them.

      1. Another possibility, Fred, is that Biden’s lawyers might be somehow using this release to hide certain documents from the public. Once the documents are part of a legal proceeding, perhaps they won’t be made available to the public or to the House GOP.

  1. Once a special counsel is appointed to conduct an investigation, it gives the subjects of such an investigation an excuse to not say anything or simply say, “I can’t comment on that; it’s under investigation. I have to refer you to so and so.” This also works when a House subpoena is received. The target can respond by saying she will take the Fifth, in which case they won’t be called under most circumstances. So, a dual investigation by the executive and legislative branches can put a hold on each but precedent states that a criminal case brought by the executive branch takes precedence over a House inquiry.

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