RFK, Jr. Sues Mainstream Media for Using Censorship to Squash Competition

Imagine how convenient it would be to conspire with others within your own industry to crush new entrants into the field. Our mainstream media and the tech industry were doing this by censoring smaller entities that were trying to correct the erroneous governmental line:


2 thoughts on “RFK, Jr. Sues Mainstream Media for Using Censorship to Squash Competition

  1. I believe my letter to the editor on January 15th addresses some points that you made in your post:

    News & Record

    Sunday January 15, 2023

    Twitter and the FBI

    Hey, have you heard about the Twitter files?

    Well probably not if you are only reading the News & Record, The Washington Post, The New York Times or watching only NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC.

    Here is what it is all about. Elon Musk has been using reporters to release internal Twitter documents exposing Twitter’s suppression not only of Hunter Biden’s laptop but debate and information from experts who clashed with the administration on COVID policy.

    All of this was done at the behest of the White House, the FBI and others essentially to have Twitter manipulate the narrative, prior to the 2020 election.

    The FBI paid Twitter millions for their cooperation and had 80 agents assigned to this task. How is this different from what the secret police do in authoritarian countries?

    The FBI had Hunter’s laptop and knew it was authentic, yet got Twitter to sit on it. As law professor Jonathan Turley recently said: “It is not clear what is more chilling — the menacing role played by the FBI in Twitter’s censorship program, or its mendacious response to the disclosure of that role. The FBI has issued a series of “nothing-to-see-here” statements regarding the “Twitter Files.”

    Fred Gregory

    Berryville, Va.

    1. Great letter, Fred. The interest of the MSM was to extinguish the voice of smaller competitors that offered an alternative viewpoint, or that covered stories they would not cover. But the Twitter revelations also implicate the tech industry itself, the FBI, health-related federal agencies and officials, and the democratic socialists. Perhaps there are other parties also that I am not including. In any case, there needs to be accountability– lots of it, to the extent that no one would ever DREAM doing this kind of thing again.

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